Emini Trading Room

Trade Emini Futures - Live Trading
Join us in the Emini Trading Room and learn how to trade index futures with a system that works on any of the mini-sized futures contracts including the ES,YM,NQ or Russell. Hosted by our head trader, Jeffrey Brewer, you will have access to his wealth of trading knowledge and experience he has gained from years of trading futures and designing analytical trading software. We know emini trading can be difficult for beginners when attempting to interpret market data and understanding the dynamics of market behavior. This is why we have designed the trading room with the following features and benefits:

  • Real-Time Alert Software Specifically for Trading Emini Futures (designed by Jeffrey)
  • Order Entry & Stop Levels
  • Scaling In & Out Guidance
  • Advance Notice of Approaching Trade Development
  • Futures Day Trading & Scalp Trading Methodologies
  • Proper Charts & Chart Set-Up for Futures
  • Live Market Calls & Commentary and much more...

when you join the Power Emini Trading Room. Subscribe for free in the right sidebar to the Emini Show hosted by Jeffery twice each week and decide if the Emini Trading Room is for you. In the mean time, you can view the charts below of two recent trades, one long and one short, Jeff executed in the Power Emini Trading Room or watch some of the the recent trading show videos hosted twice weekly by Jeff.

Emini Training Video

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ES Emini Short Trade
Join the Power-Emini Room Today and learn what Jeff saw to cause him to send out the alert to get SHORT at 1413.50, just 3 ticks below the the exact high before the market made a rapid 8 point drop to the downside.

Emini ES Long Trade Chart
Join the Power-Emini Room Today and learn the 2 chart setups that helped Jeff spot the LONG entry at 1405.50, just 2 ticks above the exact turning point before the market made a huge 12 point move to the upside.

Follow the Market With Professional Futures Traders
If you want to learn how to trade the emini futures while eliminating the guesswork then you need a trading plan. All successful and experienced traders understand the importance of a trading plan based on sound principles and risk management. Long term survival in the emini futures market requires focus on risk management. In other words, successful traders effectively learn how to control losses before they attempt to increase gains and so should you. Risk control and money management are the foundation of a successful trading system. 

Although knowledge gained from traditional methods like classes, books or courses are the foundation we build on, nothing can surpass experience gained through hands on involvement and real time applications. Yes, we can read and study everything about trading emini index futures, however a live emini trading room hosted by professional traders is where the “rubber meets the road” and real time experience can be gained. In a emini trading room, new and inexperienced traders can observe and interact with professional traders throughout the market day. 

No matter what emini contract you have chosen to trade, the ES, NQ, or the YM, Jeff's trading room actively trades the ES contract primarily but NQ and YM traders can benefit just as much as ES futures traders. The room is moderated by a full-time experienced index futures trader. The Power Trading Room is one of the leading trading rooms in the emini futures markets and is available to members of any level of experience including new and inexperienced traders struggling to reach a level of success.

The Emini Trading room is used by traders everyday to capture short term gains from the emini futures markets using a various trading methodologies. Using their approach to the emini futures markets can enhance your trading and by following along in the room, you can greatly increase day-to-day success as you become more confident and familiar with market dynamics while trading the ES, YM, or NQ emini.

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